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Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands
After 35 years as an officer with the Tulsa Police Department, I retired & took a year contract job with the Kwajalein Police Dept. The wife, Scott stayed home to take care of the places and all the critters, while I headed off for my year in a tropical paradise. I am at 90% contract complete now and planning my return to the real world. I have had an amazing time and hope that you enjoy the Atoll, through my Blog. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my time on the Rock.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The End

After almost 3 months back home in Tulsa, Steve's adventure of life came to an end July 9, 2011. Steve's unexpected and untimely death has overwhelmingly shocked us all; an apparent heart attack took his life. While he was home after his vacation of a lifetime to Kwaj, he was able to spend more time with his grandchildren than not, something he always wanted to do. Steve's life was filled of fun times, happiness, and making a difference in others; his life that ended way to soon. He will be dearly missed...

See his obits at the following (2)links:

Officer dived into life with gusto

Steve Malone is shown in his police diving gear next to his daughter, Tuesday Guthery, and grandsons Beau (held by Guthery) and Gage. Courtesy The former Tulsa police officer spent a year working — and scuba diving — on a Pacific Ocean atoll.By TIM STANLEY World Staff Writer
A former member of the Tulsa Police Department's dive team, veteran officer Steve Malone took his biggest plunge after he retired.

"He couldn't stop talking about it. It had been a longtime dream of his," said his wife, Scott Malone, of her husband's decision to move half a world away - to the Kwajalein Atoll in the South Pacific.

The opportunity, which allowed him to work as a police officer while enjoying access to some of the world's best diving waters, surfaced before Malone left the Tulsa Police Department in March 2010.

During his stay in the islands, from April 2010 through April of this year, the expert scuba diver was able to complete more than 150 dives.

Malone, who went by himself, would've stayed longer, his wife said, but he had grandchildren in Tulsa to get back to.

Nevertheless, he was happy to have had the chance to fulfill a dream.

"He believed in living life to the fullest, and he tried his best to do that," Scott Malone said.

Steven Neal Malone, who spent 34 years with the Tulsa Police Department, died July 9 of a heart attack, three months after returning to Tulsa. He was 58. A memorial service was held Thursday at Floral Haven Funeral Home in Broken Arrow.

Malone, who spent his entire career as a patrol officer because he loved contact with the public, was one of the original members of the Tulsa Police Department's dive team. The squad formed several years ago to do search-and-recovery operations in water.

Malone, who started scuba diving as a student at Hale High School, learned of the historic atoll, which is part of the Marshall Islands, about 20 years ago, his wife said.

Before he retired, he was accepted to work as a contract police officer at a U.S. military base in the atoll, over which Japanese and U.S. forces had fought fiercely during World War II.

When he wasn't on duty helping provide security for the base, Malone devoted his time to sand, sailing and scuba.

"Scuba diving is not just diving there," said his son, Ben Malone, who spent several days there diving with his father. "You explore sunken ships and planes left over from the war. It's a really neat experience."

Scott Malone said her husband talked breathlessly about one of his most exciting moments - the night he was on duty and got to watch baby sea turtles hatch on the beach. He helped steer a couple in the right direction after they started moving inland, she said.

During his career as a police officer, Malone was a Boy Scouts troop leader and helped train other troop leaders.

He also was well-known as a co-instructor at the Tulsa Dog Training Club, where he and his beloved German shorthaired pointer, Bud, trained and won many titles in obedience and agility trials.

Malone is survived by his wife of 39 years; two children, Ben Malone and Tuesday Guthery; and three grandchildren.

Steven Neal Malone’s expiration date expired July, 9, 2011. His 58 year adventure was shared with his loving wife Scott (yes, that’s her name) for over 39 years. For 34 ½ years he enjoyed being a Tulsa Police Officer where he served as a street cop, a Field Training Officer to over 40 rookies, and member of the Police Dive Team. He was a dedicated Dad to Ben Malone and Tuesday Guthery. With his children he was involved in Roy Clark Elementary PTA, Boy Scouts of America, CampFire USA, and a frequent FreeWheeler. When his kids went to college, to fill the emptiness, he got his beloved German Shorthair, Bud, and trained at the Tulsa Dog Training club in which they attended multiple obedience and agility trials earning many titles. He remained active at as co-instructor until the day he died. His daughter met and mar- ried Clay Guthery and had three children, Claire, Gage, and Beau. Steve fully loved and enjoyed his grandchildren and relived his childhood with them going to zoos, amusement and water parks, camping, horseback riding, and swimming. He spent his last year on a working vacation as a police officer at Kwajalein Atoll where he logged over 100 dives. He laid on a hammock everyday while there for at least 5 minutes. On his last day on Earth he was lying on a hammock and passed away from a heart attack. He never grew old, literally or physically. He lived an honorable life to its fullest potential and died happily. Services to be held at Floral Haven, Thursday, July 14 at 3:00pm. Wake to follow at FOP Lodge. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship Fund. This obituary was published in the Tulsa World on 7/13/2011.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good-Bye Island Life

I have finished my tour and back in the real world again. I had a great year, made some great friends and had many great adventures in the ocean. Like everything else it is all about attitude; many come and end up not enjoying their time in the Atoll but as for me, I feel very lucky to have had my year in a tropical paradise!

Monday, March 28, 2011

One of the best dives ever! DJ & I went to the Abyss & Speedball, met by sharks at the start of the dive, during the dive, @ 118’ had 3 sharks come up right next to us. Found several great Anemones and dozens of different fish! Only 1 weekend left.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Went diving today off Gagan Island; great coral! It had the largest clam that I’ve seen so far.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kristin went with us to check out the scooters, for operation and training. The scooters are used on reef sweeps when we have to swim from the boat onto the small islands to make sure that they are clear (during Missions).
Getting ready.
JT Jackson underway.

Kristen & I on a quick surface break.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kyle Smith & I, sitting on the cockpit of a Japanese Zero, shot down 67 years ago.
The plane was almost bent in half.
RJ Johnson checking out the plane.
Another couple of days of diving, which were filled with lots of fish, big schools of barracudas, sharks everywhere checking us out. Yesterday dove the Kembu Maru, which still has caustic chemicals around the ship hull to avoid. This morning after diving the fabulous “SpeedBall” site again, we checked out a Japanese Zero, blown up 67 years ago.